Oneak photo is a website displaying the photography, video production and visualisations produced by Linton Wood (me)

green screen

I’m a 27 year old architecture graduate from Melbourne, Australia and have been taking photos of my travels, for work and just for fun for many years. I have a growing interest in film and a ‘just do it’ attitude with a ‘learn by doing’ approach. I love creating visualisations of architecture and design projects that can visually explain ideas and concepts without the need for written words. When something can be understood intuitively or through demonstration it creates for me, a tactile sense of interaction with the design. I apply this ideology to many design mediums as I believe it is a great way of crossing the language barrier and making it accessible to everyone.

I’ve started my own company to pursue my interests in design, architecture and property called Unizein Pty. Ltd.

The first of our projects is an accommodation management website for short term accommodation called Beyond a Room

Beyond a Room has really taken off, largely due to the booming short term rental market thanks to big players like airbnb and stayz

Check out some of my personal photos, commissioned works and interests on the photos, videos and visualisations pages. Feel free to leave comments and feedback.